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I did not mean to repost this!

A little levity, for me, from my hometown today. A very small town. Collinsville, near the Mississippi River and St. Louis, in Illinois. Apparently…

It’s National French Fry Day!

We are very proud to sport the official “world’s largest catsup bottle“. The water tower there, next to the white, now abandoned, catsup factory. We locals remained faithful to Brooks Catsup, the upstart Heinz ketchup took it out years ago.


Leaving town, we stared at the bottle until it disappeared. “Good bye catsup bottle.” You weren’t home until it came back into view. Chanting, only when it was visible, “Cats-up Bo-ttle! Cats-up Bo-ttle!…”

There will always be a good measure of comfort whenever The Catsup Bottle rises above the horizon.

I only have questions…how much did that guy get to be a French fry, and what morons came up with National French Fry Day? I thought they were Freedom Fries.

 Water tower in Collinsville, Illinois...

Water tower and Brook’s factory in Collinsville, Illinois, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The history of  The Catsup Bottle

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